Liberty Farm/Poultney, VT

Liberty Farm/Poultney, VT

The New Liberty Farm Barn

The New Liberty Farm Barn
"More Room to Grow"

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introduction to Liberty Farm

We, James and Sarah Elworthy, want to welcome you to Liberty Farm in Shoreham, Vermont. We have an organic dairy operation in start-up mode with 40 organic certified cows, 1/2 of which are currently milking cows. We are also raising organic beef and pork that will be sold in shares to first come first serve. The shares of organc beef and pork can be ordered via the attached order form. We request from all interested to make a deposit for orders. Shares ordered will be delivered or ready for pick-up in both Central Vermont and in Massachusetts come February. If you would like to order beef or pork shares, you can use this online order form.

James and Sarah Elworthy
Liberty Farm P.O. Box 251
Shoeham, VT 05770

Call 802-989-9818 with questions

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