Liberty Farm/Poultney, VT

Liberty Farm/Poultney, VT

The New Liberty Farm Barn

The New Liberty Farm Barn
"More Room to Grow"

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Liberty Farm Keeps on Growing"

Well, it has been awhile since we have updated our blog and I thought you might want to know how things are going in these tough times in the dairy industry. We are surviving! We now own 52 organic certified cows with a little over half milking. We are raising six pigs and two steers. The organic beef and pork will be for sale in late December or early January. There has been some price changes so let's talk before you order. The old ordering sheet is outdated and I'll update it when I get a chance.

If you stop by you can purchase raw milk but contact me first (802-989-9818) so I can let you know when it is a good time to do so-you never want to stop by after the milk truck has been here! If you see an old guy walking around doing some cleaning that's my dad. Make sure you say "Hi"-he just might start talking your ear off. He is retired so he has a lot of time on his hands if you know what I mean. Let's hope for a mild winter!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Next Opportunity for Purchasing some Orgainic Beef and Pork!

Farming doesn't stop at Liberty Farm in Vermont just because of a little cold weather (maybe a lot of cold weather) instead we are always looking for ways to expand. We are presently raising some organically fed pigs and beef once again! Shares will be ready for purchasing very soon. Order forms will be available on both this blog site and the White Barn Farm in Wrentham web site. We are planning the next round of meat to be processed by early fall. So watch for future order forms!

We also have available from our dairy farm organic raw milk and eggs available for a weekly pick-up. So stop by and see us!

Any questions call James at 802-989-9818

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Winter Visit to Liberty Farm in Shoreham VT

What a pleasure every time we (my wife and I) arrive at Liberty Farm to see first hand the hard work and caring for all the animals by my son James and daughter-in-law Sarah on their farm! James and Sarah in just over a year have developed a certified organic dairy farm that includes raising organic pork and organic beef. The commitment by these two young individuals absolutely amazes me. I enjoy helping out on the farm when I'm in Vermont and there is certainly always something to do. The animals are well cared for so a lot of hay and saw dust for bedding needs attention two times a day. That usually ends up being my chores along with feeding the pigs. I really enjoy helping out because I truly believe in an organic life-style when ever possible. It is the way to go! I just wish it was a little warmer in Vermont but we know that is not going to happen until a few months from now. So, if your passing through Shoreham Vermont make sure you stop and say "Hi" to James and Sarah. Don't forget to order your shares of organic pork or oragnic beef and if your in the area you can pick up some orgainc raw milk at the farm in Shoreham. Buy local!

Get to know some of our organic dairy cows!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introduction to Liberty Farm

We, James and Sarah Elworthy, want to welcome you to Liberty Farm in Shoreham, Vermont. We have an organic dairy operation in start-up mode with 40 organic certified cows, 1/2 of which are currently milking cows. We are also raising organic beef and pork that will be sold in shares to first come first serve. The shares of organc beef and pork can be ordered via the attached order form. We request from all interested to make a deposit for orders. Shares ordered will be delivered or ready for pick-up in both Central Vermont and in Massachusetts come February. If you would like to order beef or pork shares, you can use this online order form.

James and Sarah Elworthy
Liberty Farm P.O. Box 251
Shoeham, VT 05770

Call 802-989-9818 with questions